Regional Swimming Championships 2015

You may have noticed that British Swimming has recently published information about the Qualification period for British Summer Championships. Included in this article is information on the dates for the ASA East Region Regional Championships which is misleading.

Since the ASA communicated the outcome of the Competition Review to regions, which was at the beginning of October, the ASA East Region Technical Swimming Committee has been working with the Coaches Forum on options for qualifying times, schedules and dates.

The Region was advised by the ASA that they expected all 2015 Regional Summer Championships to be held before the end of May, unless it was not possible to change existing pool bookings.

Accordingly we have entered into discussion with the pool operators responsible for the long course pools in the region, over possible bookings in May and are currently exploring the option of using the two bank holiday weekends to hold two three day meets. We hope that it will be possible to conclude these discussions before the end of the month and confirm the dates and qualifying times.

So, to clarify, we have bookings for the following dates:

2 and 3 May 2015 at Inspire, Luton and 6,7,13 and 14 June 2015 at Sportspark, UEA Norwich.

We are exploring the possibility of changing these bookings to:

2,3 and 4 May 2015 at Inspire, Luton and 23,24 and 25 May 2015 at Sportspark, UEA Norwich.

I apologise if the dates published on the British Swimming website, without our permission, have caused confusion.

Joan Wheeler

Regional Chairman

19 November 2014