East Swimming Intercounty Swimming Competition – Lane Draw

Bedfordshire are hosting the 2017 East Swimming Intercounty Swimming Competition at Inspire Luton on Sunday 2 July 2017.

Chris Haden, the Competition Swimming Secretary is arranging a team of swimmers from Bedfordshire to compete.

His email address is    competitions@bedscountyasa.com

Louise Mackie, The Officials Secretary will be arranging officials form Bedfordshire to supplement the officials attending from other counties to officiate the gala. Her email address is officials@bedscountyasa.com

Further details will appear on this page nearer to the gala date or on the regional website.


Lane Draw for Inter County Competition Announced!

The lane draw is:

Lane 2 – Hertfordshire

Lane 3 – Essex

Lane 4 – Cambridgeshire

Lane 5 – Suffolk

Lane 6 – Bedfordshire

Lane 7 – Norfolk

A programme for the event can be found HERE and please remember, there is no charge for spectators at this event!