East Region ACM & Awards Presentations

The ASA East Region held its Annual Council Meeting on Saturday, September 13, including the annual awards presentation.

The Annual Council meeting gave the membership an opportunity to consider the Annual Report and Accounts and saw elections to various East Region posts, the inauguration of the new President and gave an opportunity for the outgoing President to report on his engagements over the previous year.

Gerry Metcalf became East Region President for 2014/15 and was presented with the chain of office by the outgoing President Ian Mackenzie. Gerry is the County Treasurer and Past President of the Association.

Gerry Metcalf was commended to the meeting by Chris Galer, who gave a background to her nomination as President. Gerry, who was honoured to be nominated as President, expressed a willingness to attend county and regional events across all disciplines.


The ACM was delighted to welcome the winners of the 2014 Regional Awards and their guests. Tom Baster, Chair of the Regional Awards Panel, explained that the Aquaforce awards are a national ASA awards scheme.

The winners within each category from the eight ASA Regions will go forward for consideration for the national Aquaforce Awards which will be presented at a special ceremony on October 18, 2014.

Aquaforce Award winners were presented with their awards by the East Region President, Ian Mackenzie.

East Region Website page for all award winners  click here