County Long Course Training – Updated March 15

Beds ASA has set up long course training sessions at Inspire; Luton Sports Village on Saturday mornings. This is the second year of this initiative, which aims to develop swimming in the county and give swimmers experience of swimming in a long course pool in preparation for regional and national championships.

The Long course Bedfordshire ASA training programme is designed to increase the skill level of the swimmers that compete and train solely within the county of Bedfordshire. The sessions are designed to look at the stroke skill levels including technical proficiencies, drills and streamlined stroke skills. Other elements covered include race skills such as starts, turns, finishes and relay takeovers, plus also underwater and kick skills.

Coaches of all clubs in Bedfordshire are welcome to attend the sessions, and any ideas for specific details to work on in the sessions, are always welcomed.

Currently the sessions are run by Vicky Simpson. Vicky is a level 4 ASA coach, who has a degree from Loughborough University in Sports Science. She is currently Head Coach of Modernian SC. She is assisted by Jamie Fowler who is the Age Group Coach at Luton SC for the Gold Sessions.

There are two groups of swimmers, training alternative weeks, and coached by Vicky Simpson. The BAGCAT group were selected by comparing their 200m stroke/IM times to a percentage of the National Qualifying time and the Youth group by their percentage of National Qualifying time on their number one stroke.

Letters of offer have been issued to swimmers and their coaches. If you have not heard, then please speak to your Head Coach.

Swimmers and parents please check out the calendar by clicking on the link  for Beds ASA Long Course Training.

Dates LC Jan-Apr 2015

Dates LC May-Jul 2015

If you are unable to attend at late notice due to illness you should email
us at as soon as possible

and also text a short message to the

                 New Beds ASA mobile number 07561-354533

 This number is for text messages only.