Bedfordshire Swimmers Excelled At The Region Open Water Championships

Bedfordshire swimmers excelled themselves at the Swim England East Region Open Water Championships held at Whitlingham Adventure Park, Norfolk on Sunday the 21st of July 2019.

There were a number of Bedfordshire Regional medallists at the championships with County medals and trophy’s also being awarded to: –

  • Isabella Porzio (PSC) medal and trophy for first place junior girls 3k with silver and bronze medals to Georgina Knatchbull (CBSS) and Sophie Fowler (CBSS) respectively.
  • Ryan Roberts (PSC) medal and trophy for fourth place Junior boys 3K and Benjamin Williamson (LBS) silver medallist in this event.
  • Senior girls Gold medal to Olivia Fowler (FDSC) with the senior males   Gold medal to Alistair Shaw (FDSC) with Dave Wright (TL) and Samuel Mercer (BWSC) taking the silver and bronze respectively.
  • The 1k junior girls’ awards went to Lauren Donnelly (TL) Lauren Hooker (TK) and Isabel Bygrave (BWSC) for the gold, silver and bronze places respectively.
  • George Wallis-Smith (DSC) William Murfitt (BWSC) Finlay Blackman (BWSC) taking the junior boys gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.
  • 1K senior girls medal and trophy to Kayleigh Holroyd (CBSS) with a Silver medal to Katherine Cheeseright (BWSC).
  • Senior boy’s gold medal and trophy to Austin Lilywhite (BWSC) with silver medal to Thomas Fantini (DSC).
  • The 2K awards were presented to Francesca Baber (CBSS) Gold medal and trophy for junior girls with the silver and bronze being awarded to Lyla Howard (TL) and Phoebe Thorn (FDSC) respectively.
  • Leonard Turner (BWSC) Joe Vesztrocy (FDSC) and Harrison Shaw (FDSC) taking the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively in the junior boys 1k.
  • For the 2K senior girls and senior boys, Gold medals awarded to Rhearna Mason (CBSS), a trophy and gold medal awarded Edward McFarland (CBSS) with silver medals to Olivia Lilywhite (BWSC) and Thomas Allen (FDSC) with bronze medals to Kirsty Gooch (BWSC) and Benjamin Roberts (PSC).
  • Last but by no means least came the 5k swims.
  • Junior boy’s gold medal to Adam Holmes (FDSC), The senior girls’ results, gold medal and trophy winner Tia Wilson (MSC), Silver medal to Abby Barnwell (TL) and bronze to Chantal Smith (TL)
  • Senior boys, trophy and gold medal to Jamie McCaffrey, with a Silver to Owen Bird and bronze going to Ian Murray (FDSC).

Overall a huge number of amazing swims by all of the competitors taking part on the day, some fantastic weather and some excellent barbecue food, all together with meticulous organisation and excellent officiating, resulted in a first-class competition enjoyed by everyone.

For the full overall results and places please go to results page.

Sandra Grant – Beds ASA Open Water